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Sample Video Clips:

InstaBackgrounds can be used in Standard-Definition, High-Definition, 2K, and even 4K productions.   In fact, all InstaBackgrounds are available in your choice of two resolutions:  Either as high-quality Full HD (1920x1080) . . . or Ultra High-Definition 4K (4096x2160).

It’s unlikely that you’re editing any projects in 4K yet, so why would you want 4K images to work with? Well, an InstaBackground 4K image has more than four-times the resolution of 1080P . . . and more than nine-times the resolution of 720P. So that means that if you’re editing with an HD or SD timeline -- but using a 4K image as the background plate -- you’ll have the option of zooming-in to change the scaling of the image and then panning the image to adjust the framing however you like -- all with perfectly pristine image quality. 

If you’re not sure that 4K clips will be compatible with your edit system, please download one of our watermarked full-resolution 4K sample clip and give it a test drive. Amd if you happen to find that 4K clips aren't right for you, don’t forget that all of our clips are also available in normal 1920x1080 high-definition.


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